Welcome to Behind the Shutter – Out of the Blue!

The title of this site refers to several things, as one of the places I truly enjoy being is behind a camera taking photos. The Out of the Blue speaks to several things: one of my favorite colors, you will typically find me wearing something blue, and photography brings me out of the funk I have a tendency to fall into when the pressures and immediacy of day-to-day stuff piles a little high.

The ePortfolio section provides you with the various digital projects I have been involved in the past few years. Those projects were either collaborative work projects, or projects from a masters program from the University of North Texas. It also contains the most current items I am involved in or have created digitally in an academic environment – especially dealing with educational technology.

This site consists of several elements: the Going Beyond Auto section was one of the project elements created for an Instructional Design course through the University of North Texas (UNT). The course provided an opportunity to combine my huge interest in photography with designing instruction for a particular aspect of taking photos. The various camera manufacturers listed below Going Beyond Auto provides links to owners manuals, features and specs, and a review from Digital Photography Review for specific DSLR and Mirrorless camera models.

The Blog is…well, a blog. It initially began as a project for one of my graduate courses, and those posts will go private once that particular course is over. The early-early posts are from nearly four years ago, and I imported them from various blogs I started at various moods and points in time. I leave them in private, as they are who I was at a particular point in time. I may or may not believe the same thing, but it is a reminder to me nonetheless of where I am and why I am the way I am today.