CECS 5510 | Wk 13 Post

There is not much time left in the session to complete your project, so it is a good time to think about what needs to be done. What is left to do?

I could probably spend another 20-hours on my course adding, revising, changing, and going back and forth on what could or could not help what is already on my Canvas Course. However, in the end, I understand that others need to help me in this process of deciding when a course is ready – especially if there are any brave souls who will be willing to possibly take the course, just for fun.

What challenges have you faced?

Overall, the biggest challenge has been trying to find the time to focus on the course creation. Beyond this, the next biggest challenge has been the overall content. Not the structure, but the content I hope will bring about what I proposed the goals and objectives of the course to be. It is here I really need to interact with “experts” in the field of the topic I have chosen. After finding the time and content, I think I have a pretty good grasp of the design, structure, and overall flow of the course. I am pretty proud of what I was able to do, even though I realize it is pretty basic overall when looking at some of my peer’s work.

Will you be able to meet your timeline for completion?

Yes. But, this is based upon the knowledge of knowing it could still be revised and tweaked to death.

Why or why not?

See above.

Will you be able to implement?

No. As I am not a faculty member where I work, and it would need to be approved by the Faculty Senate, Faculty as a whole, and so on and forth…I have instead downloaded the contents from Canvas in hopes of being able to add components of the course (or structure) in future classes I will help faculty create in their particular area of expertise.


Only what I receive from my professor and peers from this course. I may have a few friends from work who look at it, but not at the depth for which it will receive from CECS 5510.


CECS 5510 | Wk 11 Post

In your blog, respond to the following:

By the end of this week, your full initial development must be completed. Were you able to finish according to your timeline?

Before I begin answering the question, I’ll just say I was able to finish the course.

Why or why not?

I am pretty sure that within two-weeks of creating my own timeline – it already became irrelevant. There just seemed to be too many things going on in my day-to-day to actually give as much attention to the course as I would have liked. In a perfect world, or an Instructional Design job, the course would have received a great deal more of my day-to-day and personal attention as it would be the very thing I am being paid to do – rather than an addition to an already overfilled plate of tasks.

What technology challenges have you faced?

One of the first things I made sure I was aware of was finding out how much data storage space my Canvas course was going to be able and store. Knowing this allowed me to avoid the creation of to much content that required space. Beyond discovering this within the first ten minutes of creating an account, I did not have any technology challenges.

What “people” challenges have you faced?

I am my own worst obstacle, most of the time. As has been stated over and over again throughout this degree process, I am the anomaly, in that I am not the typical person pursuing this degree (as I have never taught, and I have no technical training outside of training myself). Beyond this, I did share the course with several of the people I work for and with, and was somewhat discouraged when I continued to check and see if any of them had taken any time to look at the course – of which none have.

How have you sought to overcome these difficulties?

I haven’t really, beyond what this course and degree have greatly provided. I tend to give people other opportunities and choices, so I imagine sharing other world I am doing will come up again.

What have you learned about completing a major project within a professional deadline?

If you are depending on other people to provide anything, stay on them to do so if you notice they are not.

What will you do differently next time?

Ask for or create all of the content first, and then build the course around it. Even creating the content myself, I spent a great deal of time going back and revising, and revising, and revising, and revising…

What were your strengths as a designer?

Putting the pieces together, over creating the pieces.

What do you need to improve?

For me, there is and will always be room for improvement. This seems to frustrate my supervisor, as I am always wanting to analyze better ways of doing things, as well as making sure there is as much information concerning the item, goal, or outcome as possible before getting down the road – as there will always be revisions and changes taking place (including the Canvas course I just finished). I am a firm believer in covering as many of the potential problems and obstacles before getting started, as there are sure to be some of those things in the process.

CECS 5510 – Wk 10 Blog

There is not much time left in the session to complete your project, so it is a good time to think about what needs to be done. What is left to do? What challenges have you faced? Will you be able to meet your timeline for completion? Why or why not? Will you be able to implement? Evaluate?

[UPDATED: 2016.04.03]

It would have appeared I did not fully understand that Spring Break was a “week off” from the regular semester, so actually working through it – which I am almost sure I would have done anyway, helped me get caught up, if not a little ahead. I believe I will have all but finished my Canvas Course this coming week, which is great – since I will be heading out of town on Wednesday for a few days of helping my wife at a conference. I also need to get things done in order to work on my “Job Aid” – which I know will take some time, as I really want to focus on this aspect of the course knowing it will really benefit my understanding of how faculty will approach any course, as well as my new position at ACU as an Educational Technologies Specialist.

Beyond these few things, the rest of my thoughts created last week (when I thought this assignment was due) are still the same…for now 🙂


From 2016.03.27

It is hard to believe, as well as somewhat of a relief, that this is the end of week 10. Spring Break allowed me to catch up on my Canvas course, as well as put a lot of thought into the overall design and flow of the content. I was also able to create several of the rubrics, and fill in the “course reading” content – which I still need to tweak just a little. My hope is this next week will allow me the time to complete all the major framework for the course, allowing the last five weeks of the course to refine what is there, add my own personality a little more with helps, and knock out the Job Aid for the entire project. Oh, and I need to create the Rubric for the final project, as well as the informal assessment.

The biggest challenge I see will be in making sure the course and the Job Aid are balanced. By this, I mean that I take an equal amount of time with all of the content and not get lost in refining one aspect over the other. For me, having a good and consistent flow to the course is essential in maintaining the focus of those experiencing it. Now that I have also began CECS 5800, I know I will be forced to focus on the essentials, rather than get lost down to many “rabbit trails” – so as difficult as it might be, punching out my list of things to do will take a priority, rather than spending a lot of time thinking about the possibilities, as well as any overall revisions. I really do think I will be on time, which is a small miracle in my own mind, as dealing with two illnesses has thrown me for a loop. Glad Spring Break was very productive for me – and I hope everyone else.

There is possibly no chance this course will ever be taken beyond any of my peers through UNT. Although I have added many of the individuals I work with and for to the course – none of them have spent any time going through the course. It has actually been a little frustrating for me, but I understand everyone is very busy with all of the other things they need to do on a weekly basis, also. So the only evaluation will probably be the feedback I receive on the design and not the actual course – and this will only come from my peer reviews and Dr. Faulkner.

If anything, the course will allow me to help other faculty develop, add and use content on Canvas. I am also planning on exporting the contents once it is finalized. It has been a tremendous learning experience, even if it never gets used.

CECS 5510 – Wk 8 Blog

What feedback have you received and what have you done as a result? Why? Given that many standard corporate ID projects last about 3 weeks and this is week 8 of the session, how do you feel about working on a professional timeline?

This past week, Wednesday through Saturday, I attended a Colloquy in Grapevine, Texas. The Colloquy dealt with Pedagogy of the Archive, and I represented the “database” (the electronic file cabinet) of what is currently being done digitally, as well as might be possible. Why even bring this up? Well, it was amazing to hear career faculty members, librarians, archivists, and researchers struggle with technology and creating a “roadmap” that might cover all of the bases while at the same time meeting goals. The very thing I have been struggling with during my own course creation on Canvas for this class. It was enlightening.

I continue to get various levels of feedback, both from my instructor, peer review partners, some close friends I have reached out to, and my lovely wife. All of them are very pleased with my progress, as well as how much I have caught up, and think I am able to be completely caught up by the end of this week – Spring Break! I have learned so much with these interactions, as well as just diving into Canvas, although the more I learn, the more I want to incorporate into the course. I really like the way it presents itself, but there are some things I wish it provided (or perhaps I am just missing it) – like a copy function, allowing something you have already created (page, assignment, discussion, etc.) existed.

The question concerning the ability to create an ID under a professional guideline, and to provide a product in three weeks sounds intimidating, but as I look at the overall picture of potentially doing this in the future, I also realize this will possibly be my main focus and not an addition – so that helps. The other thing I continue to remind myself, is this is the first time I have ever done anything remotely similar. Even in this degree, the ability to create the ID from beginning idea to making it available on a LMS is huge. Again, becoming an expert, or even highly efficient with various LMS platforms will extremely beneficial and would really help in the ID process – as it would enable one to know what they are going to be able to do in the LMS, and what they may need to provide outside of it.

Perhaps the last dimension would be also knowing there is a great possibility of being able to work with others who know even more than I currently do (or ever will) about all of this, and that will provide even greater expedience in creating an ID from beginning to end. I am looking forward to stretching my newly discovered interest and legs with Canvas, as well as the opportunities that are already developing with some faculty at ACU in the coming months.

CECS 5510 – Wk 7 Blog

You have completed a rough version of ½ of your full course now. Have you had to make revisions to your design based on the structure of the LMS? How well is the design model working for you?

As I continue to catchup with the creation of this course in Canvas, I am also continually thinking through the potential barriers, revisions I will need to make, suggestions from my peers, as well as how I can streamline the entire process while at the same time adding a little bit of “human touch and or personality” to this online course creation. Not an easy task to do, and in also trying to catchup with work, my other UNT course, and life in general – I am grateful this entire process (in all the mentioned areas) is not being asked of me to proceed on my own. I have received some great feedback, even from my limited additions this past week, as I move forward and create the structure, content, and interactions for my course.

Have I had to make revisions to my design based upon the structure of Canvas? Not yet. My initial plan was and still is to produce an assessment using a Google Form to gauge where the students are before and after the class. I keep going back and forth as to whether or not I should just go ahead and create this in Canvas, but I think I am going to keep it as a Google Form in order to talk about using other platforms in conjunction with a university’s chosen LMS.

I am also going back and forth with the discussions I want the students to have concerning their interactions and reflections with the readings and the images they are creating. However, as I have chosen WordPress to provide this, I am going to also stick with it as I see it as a resource the students can take with them, and not something they may potentially lose once they are no longer students at any given university – whether they transfer, graduate, or any other reason they might have.

How well is the design model working for me? I think it is working in my favor at the moment, even though I am still behind in creating it in the LMS. If I had not been able to really think through the “blueprints” (if you will), then once I started building the course (regardless of the LMS) the cracks in the design would be very noticeable and even without missing a week of work I would probably even further behind than I am. I am actually very thankful for the feedback I received this week from my peer’s and Dr. Faulkner, as their input and comments have provided me with exactly what I needed to move forward and hopefully get caught up on my work by the end of Week 8, or at least by the end of Week 9.

I am learning a great deal! I am also having my understanding of how difficult it is to design, create, and implement a course design really is. Invaluable experience…