Photo – Cheats + Info

Ok…it is perhaps unfair to call great and quick information “cheating” – but at least it motivated you to click on the link to this page. The following links will provide you with general to specific information and instruction on how to gain more control over your camera gear, as well as an occasional downloadable file you can save to your computer or smartphone. Hope you find something that helps.

Here is the “Cheat Sheet” site

Below, are some of the sites I frequent (a lot), aspire to experience, and have learned a great deal from.

Artist in Residence Program | National Park Service – Something I really hope to be able and experience, as well as participate in one day.

Bill Fortney – Former Nikon Professional Services (NPS) Tech Rep now using Fuji (and some Nikon) cameras.

Bill Frakes – Renowned photographer, storyteller, and NPS Ambassador . Be sure to check out as much of his site as you can! I had the great opportunity to spend some time with Bill in Abilene for several hours as he helped undergraduate students sharpen their skills and talents.

Canon Digital Learning Center – A tremendous website, full of online content and training, as well as providing opportunities to participate and attend workshops.

Digital Photography Review – Reviews, forums, and a ton of content. Owned by

DigitalRev TV – The world’s most viewed and subscribed to photography channel. Straight out of Hong Kong, I find it hilarious – but I tend to like snark, foul (but not too foul) humor, and snark…

Fuji X Photo Workshops – This site is not an official Fujifilm site, but it does feature the work and provide opportunities join Jack Graham and Bill Fortney in the field.

Jack Graham – Named one of Fuji’s X Photographers, he provides his readers with insightful content and spends a great deal of his time leading photography workshops.

Joe McNally – Renowned photographer, camera lighting specialist, and NPS Ambassador. He knows his craft very well.

National Geographic | Photo Workshops – Yet another experience and learning opportunity I hope to be able and participate in one day.

Nikon Professional Services | Global Site – Here you can find a professional photographer who takes unique or stunning photos of the things, events, or places you want to become better at capturing.

Nikon School – Nikon offers classes for any level of experience, and any camera brand you may use.

The Phoblographer – Reviews, blog, etc.

Scott Kelby – Another renowned photographer and tremendous site for resources and training. Former Nikon user who now uses Canon gear.

Sony | Official News – This link takes you to tips, news, and opportunities to engage with photographers who use Sony camera gear.

Steve Huff – Mirrorless user and reviewer. If you are really interested in knowing about the top gear, Steve will let you know what he thinks about a lot of what is available out there. His favorites (right now) are Leica (which is not a manufacturer I have linked above, as well, German gear is very expensive), Sony, Olympus, and Fuji.

Summit Workshops – Still another experience and unique learning opportunity for those looking to sharpen their photography skills in a particular area.

Thom Hogan – A “gear-head” with great insight and critical analysis (mainly Nikon equipment).