University of North Texas

I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master of Science degree in Learning Technologies in May of 2016. I wanted to share the following courses which required multimedia creations, and an opportunity to use a wide variety of the Adobe Creative Suite Applications.

CECS 5110 – Multimedia in Technology Applications

Course description – Study and analysis of the use of the computer to deliver instruction. Topics include design, development, and review techniques for CAI, current trends in CAI technology and lesson development with an authoring language.

Link to Final Project

CECS 5200 – New Technologies of Instruction

Course description – Selection, utilization and evaluation of media technology, and techniques used in the instructional programs of education and industry. Includes hands-on digital audio and visual processes.

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CECS 5420 – Web Authoring

Course description – Course to aid education and training professionals in creating Web-based materials and application utilizing Internet resources. Integration of text, graphics, and multimedia elements in a web environment.

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CECS 5580 – Readings Seminar in Computer Education and Cognitive Systems

Course description – Broad reading in a defined area of technology interaction. Requires the critical evaluation of sources with particular emphasis on methodology and application to educational environments.

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