Digital Commons | ACU

I am the lead administrator for DC@ACU. As the Digital Commons Manager, I provide high level coordination of all content; review of all content and regular promotion and presentation about DC@ACU for faculty and students, including departmental presentations. I manage of all retrospective and bulk uploads. I am responsible for overall quality, growth, and institutional value of DC@ACU. I also provide assistance, policy and procedures, and resources for the DC@ACU Leadership Team. The following are projects I managed, created, or participated in. I have indicated my role with each project after the link.

Everett Ferguson Photo Collection – Managed

Jesse P. Sewell Photo Collection – Created

Church of Christ Mission Photography Collection – Participated in

Blanche Perry Baptistry Painting Collection – Participated in

West Islip Church of Christ Audio Collection – Created

Special Collections and Archives – Digital Scholarship Center (SC&A-DSC)

I am the Digital Preservation Coordinator for Special Collections and Archives, and their Digital Scholarship Center. As the Digital Preservation Coordinator, I manage the conversion of archival audio-visual media into digital formats and folder structures suitable for use in DC@ACU and other digital media venues. I also assist the Special Collections librarian in preserving media and providing digital media for Special Collections and Archives activities.

SC&A-DSC Analog Reel-to-Reel Digitization Training Manual